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BATTERY 1781 (disused) Dunbar Battery Revd [Reverend] Thomas Burnet, Viewfield
Mr David Burns, Dunbar
Miller's History of Dunbar
006 The Fort was erected in 1781 to protect the Town from any sudden invasion but specialy to guard it from the not very friendly visits of Privateers. The Battery mounted 16 Guns of Different Calibre the largest two were Eighteen Pounders. The fort was dismantled and the guns removed to Edinburgh at the Conclusion of the general peace.
BASALTIE ROCKS Basaltie Rocks The rock on which the Battery is built, is situated between the Victoria and old Harbours consists of Basaltie Columns or a Stratum of stone resembling in a Minor degree the Giants Causeway in Ireland or St Fingal's Cave in the Island of Staffa. Mr Pennant describes it as consisting of a Red grit stone either Triangular or Hexangular their diameter from 1 to 2 feet; their length at low water from 20 to 30 feet dipping or declining a little to the South; they are jointed but not plainly as those which form the Giants Causeway, the surface of several that had been broKen off appears as a pavement of numbers of Convex ends, probally answering to the Concave bottoms of other joints incumbered on them. The space between the Columns are filled with the septa of Red & White sparry Matter; the Veins of the same pervading the Columns Transversely"

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