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Parish of Spott

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And marching over it, being obliged to break their ranks, their enemies imagined they were
flying and expressed their excitation by a hideous noise of blowing their horns and howling.
But when the English emerged from the hollow, and advanced to meet them in good order, all
this noise was turned into silence, and in the sharp conflict that followed, the Scots were soon
broken. The English pursued their scattered foes the space of seven or eight leagues, almost
to the forest of SelKirK, and slew in the pursuit about 10,000.
Ridpath's Border Hist: [History] Page 198

From the remains which have all different periods been discovered in this locality, it is conjectured
that the forces must have been widely scattered, quantities of human bones having been
dug up in the various fields in the neighbourhood, all agree however, in supposing this to be the place
where the battle commenced. The Revd [Reverend] J. Jaffray of Dunbar, and Mr George Purves of Little PinKerton,
pointed out the site.

Captain James, R.E. [Royal Engineers] has also examined this ground
and the name is written on plan according to the best of his judgement and according
to the information he received in the locality.

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