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Site of BATTLE between the English and Scots (1296) Site of Battle (Supposed)
Site of Battle (Supposed)
Site of Battle (Supposed)
Hist: [History] of Dunbar
The Revd [Reverend] J. Jaffray
Mr George Purves
006 [Situation] About 1 5/8 miles south of Dunbar
The portion of the valley lying between Broomhouse Mill and Osnalddean is supposed to be the place where the Scottish Army under the Earls of Buchan, Lennox and Mar, were met and defeated by the English under Earl Warrens in 1296. The Castle of Dunbar was then being besieged by the English and the Scots were marching to relieve that garrison. The action was short and decisive, the Scots being completely routed and pursued as far as SelKirk Forest.

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Edward, on receiving intelligence of this event, immediately
dispatched the Earl of Warrens with a great body of his best traps
to the Castle; (Dunbar) and the garrison being soon reduced
to straits, obtained a cessation from hostilities for three days,
in order to their sending a messenger to their King to inform
him of their Situation, and to receive his orders about terms
of Capitulation. But the place and persons within it were of
so much consequence that Baliol resolved to hazard a battle
for its relief. The Scottish Army is said to have consisted of
40,000 foot and 1500 horse ***. As soon as they appeared
descending in martial array over the hill against Dunbar, which
was on the third day After the message was sent to Baliol,
Warrens, notwithstanding his inferior numbers, having left the
servants of the great men of his Army, arrived with some soldiers
to blocKade the place, advanced with the rest of his forces to
meet the Scots. The English, in descending towards a valley
And. [continued on page 102]

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