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CHAPEL (Site of) [Waughton] Chapel (Site of) William Howden Stonelaws
Thomas Forrest Gardener Waughton
005 Immediately adjoining the Castle and only seperated from it by a wall is the Site of an Old Chapel with a Burial ground attached nothing is Known about it in the locality The Chapel and Burial ground was evidently inside the moat or ditch which Surrounded the Castle from which it is Conjectured it might be the Private Chapel belonging to the Castle, It is Said in the Lamp of Lothian when SpeaKing of Religious Establishments that by Robert De Waughton of Waughton, Swearing fealty to Edward 1st his lands of Waughton were restored to him which shows that Waughton was a Chapelry at that time 1295, having some lands. Perhaps a Parish attached

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