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WAUGHTON CASTLE (Remain of) [continued from page 36]
A little west of the ruins is a large yew tree, which first gave rise to the family Coat of Arms, of the Hepburns. Proprietor George W. Hope,
OLD GRAVE YARD [Waughton] Old Grave Yard
Old Grave Yard
William Howden
P. Sinclair
005 [Situation] About 3 chains East from Waughton Castle
Immediately east of the old Castle is an old graveyard on the south of which the people in the locality point out the site of a chapel, which they say was attached to the Castle, as it is situated inside the entrenchments which surround the Castle.
CHAPEL (Site of) Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
William Howden
P. Sinclair
Mr. Rennie
Mr Thomas Forrest
Mr. James Scougall
[Situation] In the south corner of the Old Gave Yard
One of the given authorities remembers seeing part of the walls standing and quantities of human bones &c. disinterred here. The Grave-Yard has not been used for many years back.

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61 Old Grave Yard
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