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Old Waughton
William Howden
P. Sinclair
005 [Situation] About 1/2 Mile S.S. [South South] East fron Sheriffhall
An old farmhouse with offices they are much dilapidated and going fast to decay.
WAUGHTON CASTLE (Remain of) Castle (In Ruins)
Castle (In Ruins)
Castle (In Ruins)
Waughton Castle
Waughton Castle
William Howden
P Sinclair
Mr Rennie
Mr Thomas Forrest
Mr James Scougall
005 [Situation] About 5 chains South from Old Waughton
The remains of an old Castle traditionally reported to have been the property and residence of the Hepburn family, It was built on a rocky eminence, and was defended by a deep ditch part of which is still visible. The only part of the Castle remaining is a small portion of the southend [continued on page 37]

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62 Old Waughton
62 Castle (in Ruins)

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