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"Bell the cat" The next Earl of Angus Who became proprietor was he who married the Queen, mother of James V, and who when he lost all influence over the King and his Councillors, shut himself up in the Castle, and defied for a time the whole hostile force of the Kingdom In 1528 the King proceeded himself, at the head of a strong force to reduce the Castle and took from Dunbar two Cannons called "Thrawn-mouthed Mow and her Marrow" yet he was obliged to raise the Siege, and did not obtain possession until Angus fled to England and came to terms with the governor Simon Panaugo, After the King's death the Earl was allowed to return from his exile, When he Commenced to fortify Tantallan more firmly than before, and here about 1567 he finished or terminated his career, The Castle was besieged and captured by Oliver Cromwell and in 1639 It underwent the same fate, from the doughty and resolute Covenanters. When the Marquis of Douglas made a stand for Prelacy, In the beginning of the 18th Century the Castle and lands were sold by the Marquis afterwards Duke of Douglas to Lord President Dalrymple when the Castle till then habitable was dismantled and left to decay, It afterwards became a retreat for a desperate Set of Smugglers the dungeons affording a safe shelter for themselves and their Contraband goods,
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