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TANTALLON CASTLE Tantallon Castle 003 Tantallon Castle continued
- bloody heart, the well Known ensign of the Douglases, its early proud and powerful proprietor. The castle in its outer structure is still Comparatively entire but wholly unroofed and in a state of desolation. Its interior is a maze of broken staircases, ruined chambers with deep and dismal-looking Subterraneous dungueons, the principal dungeon which has been lately discovered is on the outer side of the Castle at the North-west angle and is Conjectured to have been the Keep of the Castle or the Guard house of the Castle. So strong was the Castle in position, and so sKilfully constructed, that previous to the invention of gunpowder it defied every effort and stratagem for its reduction, hence arose the saying "Ding doon Tantallon" or "Make a Brig to the Bass" which imported that it was as easy to construct the latter as to reduce the former The date of the Castle and the circumstances of its erection are unknown. It came into notice with the rising fortunes of the Douglas family, who obtained the barony of North Berwick on the accession of Robert II and for centuries afterwards it remained the stronghold of their proud and domineering Earls. The Castle was forfeited in 1455 and 1479 it was given by James III to Archibald 5th Earl of Angus, the well-known
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