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INCHTAVANACH Inchtavannach
Montague Martin Esqr.
John Millar, Luss
Peter Turner, Auchengavin
010 A name applied to a large Island situated on the west side of Loch Lomond, about a mile south of Luss. It is about a mile in length and fully a quarter in breadth clad with copse wood mixed with a few firs. On the southern extremity, there are several arable fields, and a substantial farm house occupied by Archibald McEwen, the northern point is called Ruinn a' Fhraoich, and on the west, about 20 chains south of this point is situated Tom na Clag, a rocky eminence of considerable height. The Island is of a ridge like shape, rising to a height considerably above the Lake. The name is a corruption of "Innis Manaich" Monks Island. the property of Sir James Colquhoun Bart. [Baronet]
RUINN A' FHRAOICH Ruinn a' Fhraoich
Ruinn a' Fhraoich
Ruinn a' Fhraoich
Montague Martin Esqr.
John Millar
Peter Turner
010 This name is applied to a rocky heathy point in the north of Inchtavannach, and signifies the heath point. It is a well known name.

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"Ruinn" (G) [Gaelic] A promontory, A point
Fhraoich (G [Gaelic] from Fraoch) Heath
An of the gen. [genitive] is prefixed to nouns mas. [masculine] beginning with d. f. l. n. r. s. t.

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