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CASTLE Lennox Castle (Ruins of)
Lennox Castle (Ruins of)
Lennox Castle (Ruins of)
Lennox Castle (Ruins of)
Mr. Jolly, Factor
Archibald Davie, Inchfad
Peter Turner, Auchengavin
John Millar, Luss
014 A ruin situated on a small Eminence on the south west point of Inchmirrin. It is about 63 feet in length, and 33 in breadth, the west portion of the north wall is about 18 feet high, and 5 broad, the south about 20 ft high and 6 in breadth. the gables are about 3 ft in height and 4 thick, at the western gable are two detached pieces of masonry. there is no records as to its date when built or destroyed.
Tom Bay
Tom Bay
Mr. Jolly
Walter McGregor. Gamekeeper
Archibald Davie
014 A name applied to the highest portion of Inchmirrin on which is a wooden house used as a watch booth.

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County Dumbarton

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I see no sufficient authority for the prefix "Lennox" JB

"The Castle of Balloch was
"abandoned before the close of
"the 14th Century for that which
"had been newly erected on
"Inchmuryn by the old
"Earls of Lennox." Orig. Par. Scot. [Origines Parochiales Scotiae]
Vol [Volume] 1 P [Page] 35

"At its southwest end in a grove of venerable oaks, are
the ruins of an ancient Castle, once the residence of the
Earls, and afterwards of the Dukes of Lennox" ( Full. Gazr. [Fullerton's Gazetteer])
"A portion of those lands which belonged to the Earl of
Lennox, seem to have remained in the possession of his
family for we find that the Countess Isabella on being released
from Tantallon, took up her residence on the Island of Inchmurren, Loch Lomond. ( about 1450)
(Irvings History.)

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Tom Beith
The pronunciation of Tom Bay is so nearly like Tom Beith That there is
reason to infer that the latter is the proper orthography.

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