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Subscription School
Mr. Adams, Town Registrar
Dr. ]Doctor] Stewart
024 A Subscription School having a Play ground attached. Situated at the end of Kerr Street

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Sheet 24-8 No 24 -- Town of Kirkintilloch

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to the east of Duntocher, Why the Wall should in this instance have been changed
to the south of the fort it is impossible to say: nothing in the nature of the ground
appears to have called for such a deviation from the general practice; but without
doubt there did exist some valid reason for this unusual arrangement, although
none of our modern inquirers have been able to account for it.
Like those at Duntocher and Bemulie, the Station of Kirkintilloch stood near a point
where the passage of a stream of water had caused a break in the Wall, and where,
in consequence, an enemy might most likely have attempted to penetrate;
wherever it happened, indeed, that any rivulet had crossed the line, too wide to be
spanned by its ramparts, it is almost certain that a Fort had been established
near the spot."
Caledonia Romana, p. [page] 316 and 317.

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