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Kerr Street
Corner Ticket
Mr. Adams
024 A Street branching southwesterly off Cowgate Street.
SCHOOL OF INDUSTRY School of Industry
School of Industry
Mr. Adams
Mr. Dawson
024 A dwelling house which is in the mean time occupied as a School of Industry.
"It should be stated that the house, which is private property, has been used as a "School of Industry" for seven years, and it is supported by Public Subscription in the Parish; It is presided over at present by Captain Murray of Gartshore,"
"It is recognised as a permanent School,"
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[continued from page 4, re Remains of Roman Wall Station]
From page 4.
of proportionate depth. Horsley says that the Peel of
Kirkintilloch (the name by which the Roman station is
generally known) presented, in his time, the appearance of
having been fortified by a double wall of hewn stones -
placed, we should suppose, on the top of the above mentioned
rampart; and adds that the stones had been strongly cemented
with lime, and that many of them were chequered, in the manner
usually practised by the Roman builders. Although the greatest
part of the ancient works have now been levelled, and every
vestige of their masonry removed, there is still enough
left to shew the great size of the ditch, and the height of the
earthen mound on which the wall had stood."
The situation of this station steems to have been nearly as
good, in a Military point of view, as was that on Castle Hill
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