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CHURCH on Site of St Maronock's Church Church Revd [Reverend] W B S Paterson
W.E Jolly
R D MacKenzie
014 The present is a plain Stone building erected in the Year 1813 on the Site of the old Church there are about 40[0] Sittings and Burial ground attached the whole Connected with the Established Church

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Parish of Kilmaronock

"The parish of Kilmaronock derives its name from St Marnock to whom
the church was dedicated, and the name was formed by prefixing the Celtic Cil,
to the name of the patron Saint; Kilmarnock, in Ayrshire, owes its name to the
same Saint, to whom other Churches in Scotland were dedicated.
In 1325, Robert I. granted the Church of Kilmaronock, with all its pertinents,
to the monastery of Cambuskenneth, and this grant was confirmed, by John
the Bishop of Glasgow, and also by the dean and chapter of Glasgow", (Chalmer's Calea. [Caledonia])

"The ancient church was situated in the north of the parish, at a short distance
from the Old Castle of Kilmaronock. It was dedicated to St. Maronoch, or Marnock
who was also the guardian Saint of a neighbouring well." (Origines Parochiales. 1-34)

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