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ST MARONOCK'S WELL St Marnocks Well Revd [Reverend] W B S Paterson
W E Jolly
R D MacKenzie
014 This well is about 24 chains N [North] West of the Parish Church and is well known by the name supplied tradition states that the water had healing properties in olden times but at present the no such virtue is ascribed to it

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"The parish of Kilmaronock derives its appellation from St Marnock,
to whom the church was dedicated, and the name was formed by pre-
fixing the Celtic Cil, to the name of the patron Saint. A spring of water in the
vicinity of the Church was consecrated to the same Saint".. (Chalmer's) 3.905-

"it was dedicated to St Maronoch or Marnock who was also the guardian
saint of a neighbouring well. - (Origines Parochiales) 1-34.

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