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Bonhill Bonhil
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"According to the erudite author of the "Caledonia", this parish derives its name from the Gaelic word Bog-n'-uill, or "foot of the rivulet" - an etymology which is supported by the situation of the parish church. In olden times the named was spelt "Buthelulle", "Bohtlul, and "Buchlul" but the Gaelic guttural became afterwards softened into Balul, and finally into its present form, Bonhill. The parish which is about 4 miles square, is bounded on the north by Kilmarnonock, Lochlomond, and Luss, on the south by Dumbarton and Cardross, on the east by Kilmaronock, and on the west by Cardross. Prior to 1650, the parish comprehended little more than the ten merk of land of Bonhill on the Leven, but in that year it was enlarged by the addition of Tillichewan, Stuckrogert, Cameron, and Auchendenan, from the parish of Luss, and of Balloch, Milton, Blairquhois (or Westerton), Ballagan, and Ledrishbeg, from the parish of Kilmaronock. This annexation was made by the commissioners for the [continued on page 67]

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