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Plantation of Kirks at the desire of the heritors and Presbytery. The earliest reference to this parish which has yet been
discovered is in a charter granted in 1270 by Maldowen the third Earl of Lennox." (Irving's History of Dumbartonshire).
"The lands in this parish, as may readily be conceived from the larger manufacturing population, are all cultivated according
to the most improved methods, Furrow draining has been adopted to some extent, and with the usual good effects. The subsoil
plough has been but partially used, but in some instances where it has been tried, it has doubled the value of the land.
The horses generally used for agricultural purposes are the Clydesdale breed. The cows are chiefly of the Ayrshire variety, and
considered to be excellent for the purposes of the dairy". - New Stat Act [Statistical Account]
There is no portion of this parish detached, nor part or parts of any other Parish, contained within the proper boundary
of this parish.

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