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GLEANN NA CAORRUINN Gleann-na-Caorruinn
Glen Macurn
Rev [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan, Arroquhar
Rev [Reverend] D. Campbell, Luss
Peter Turner, Auchengavin
Colin MacKay, Gleann-na-Caorruinn
Johnston's County Map
010 A valley extending nearly five miles in length. It leaves "Glen Gillanoch" (Johnston's Co. [County] Map) nearly a mile south of "Craggan" and rises gently to the source of "Luss Water" at which part the hill on the South presents a very rugged aspect. At this point its bottom is flat and about 15 chains in breadth. It then falls for about a mile when it becomes narrower and the hills rising from each side spring up very abruptly. Passing the dwelling house of "Gleann-na-Caorruinn" the bottom again becomes flat which continues to the point of junction with "Gleann Molachan" &"Glen of Luss". The name signifies the Glen of the rowan tree or mountain ash. The article "na" which should be retained, has become corrupted and is now always used as "ma".

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Co [County] Dumbarton

[na/ma] See Descriptive Rks [Remarks]
Gleann, (G. [Gaelic]), A glen, a valley
Caorruinn, nom: pl: [nominative plural] of Caorrunn, the Mountain Ash,
Ma, prep: [preposition] about, around, (G) [Gaelic].

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