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Ben Bhreachd
Ben Bhreachd
Ben Bhreachd
Ben Bhreachd
Rev. [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Alexander Dewar Schoolmaster
Montague Martin Esqr.
Donald Sinclair, Firkin T.P. [Turn Pike]
008 A high sharp peaked mountain on the South end of the high range which runs between "Loch Lomond" and "An Tsreang". Its east side, or that sloping to Loch Lomond, is a mass of irregular rocks sloping in every direction & having a very rugged appearance. Its west side, or that which falls to "An Tsreang", is very regular and presents very few rocks. The hill on all sides is very steep and difficult of ascent. The name signifies the mottled or spotted mountain. On it there are no seperate features bearing names.

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Co [County] Dumbarton

Beinn Bhreac - Written correctly on Plan
at Glasgow.

"Beinn, (G) [Gaelic]. A mountain, a hill.
Bhreachd (from Breac) spotted, speckled, etc (G.) [Gaelic]

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