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CREAG AN T-SEARRAICH (Ruins) Creag an t'Searraich
(In Ruins)
Rev. [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Donald Maccallum
Robert Campbell, Arroquhar
006 The ruins of two houses unoccupied for ten years The name signifies The Foal's Rock
RUDH'A'CHAISTEIL Rudha a' Chaisteil
Rudha a' Chaisteil
Rudha a' Chaisteil
Rev. [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Donald Maccallum
Robert Campbell, Arroquhar
006 A flat point of land, on which "Arroquhar House" stands, projecting into "Loch Long".
This name is now only known to the elder portion of the inhabitants and was derived from the Mansion house of the Clan MacFarlan standing on it.
TIGH AN FHREACADAIN Tigh a' Fhreacadain Rev. [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Donald Maccallum
Robert Campbell, Arroquhqr
006 A well known name applying to three houses on the side of the Old Post Road. It was originally applied only to the smallest which was used by the MacFarlans as a Watch house to have timely notice of the approach of the Athole men with whom they were at feud

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Co. [County] Dumbarton Parish of Arroquhar

[Below entry for Rudha a' Chaisteil:]
"Rudha, (G.[Gaelic]) A point of land jutting into the sea; A promontory.
"Chaistel" A castle, a fort, a tower from Caisteil - Rudha a' Chaisteil, The Castle point.
[Name corrected to] Rudh' a' Chaisteil
The two vowels cannot be agreeably
pronounced the usage or rule
is therefore to drop the final vowel
of the preceding word.

[Below entry for Creag an t-Searraich:]
"Creag, (G. [Gaelic]) A rock
Searraich, Gen: sing: [Genitive singular] of Searrach, - A foal, a colt
Creag an t-Searraich. - The Colt's Creag

[Below entry for Tigh an Fhreacadain:]
Tigh a' Fhreacadain. House of the Watch or guard
See note on Fh in a preceding page

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