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TINWALD [parish] Tinwald
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041; 042; 049; 050 [Situation] Between Nithsdale and Annandale and near the Centre of Dumfries-shire.
The Name of this Parish has been supposed to signify the Harbour, as derived from Gaelic and also the House in the Wood, - as taken from the Saxon. "Whatever be the proper signification of the latter syllable" says the Statistical Account "perhaps the former Ting or Tin is derived from the Ting or Court of the Ancient Saxons, who at one time possessed the Country; and what under this supposition the more probable, is the existence of a Mound or Moat near the Church, which in many respects resembles one on the Isle of Man called a Ting and upon which local Courts were held until a recent period." The proper Signification therefore may be the Court in the woody district from the Saxon etymons Ting and Walda or Wealt, which is descriptive of the Parish at an early date covered as it was with wood.

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Parish of Tinwald

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