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Ordnance Survey Office
October 21st 1865
In reply to your letter of the 16th inst. in which you refer to two errors in Sheet LVIII.2 Middlebie Parish. I beg to say that, according to the manuscript survey in this office, there is nothing that can be regarded as a permanent or substantial fence passing through the plantation numbered 1554. Will you be so good as to state what is the nature or character of the fence to which you allude; and to send me a sketch showing its position.
The name "Sunnybrae" refers to " a piece of rising ground on the west side of Palmersgill Bridge" Rev[Reverend] William barton, Schoolmaster, is one of the authorities for this name.
It should have been written somewhat nearer to Palmersgill Bridge; and I will have this done if Mr Smith thinks it necessary.
I am Sir,
Your obedient servant Colonel Royal Engineers

William Dobbie Esq[Esquire]

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