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Sergeant Meade Sunny Brae Dumfries Mid--- Dumfries
Annan 6th December 1865
Referring to my letter of the 16th October last and your answer of the 21st of same month I beg to state, that the fence referred to , through plantation numbered 1554 on Sheet LVIII.2 Middlebie Parish, consists of turf or "Sod" with thorns on the top, and runs in the direction indicated by the red ink line on enclosed Sketch. The fence is not in good order, but being through a plantation, a complete fence is not required.
It forms however the boundary or march between Springkell and Blackwood House, at that point.
"Sunnybrae" is not the name of any locality, and has been merely assigned by the feuer of plot No 1617 or 1618 to their smallholding. The entire buildings extending from the plot numbers 1443 on Sheet No LVIII.I to 1619 on Sheet NO LVIII.2 form the Village of "Eaglesfield" which derives its name from the Father of the present proprietor of Blackethouse, who about fifty years ago began to let out small parts of his property there for building and gave the place his own Christian name. Mr Smith the present proprietor, bears the same name.
I may add that I have seen many of the Long houses or Tacks by which the owners of houses hold, and they invariably

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Put in N L for Middlebie Dumfriesshire 5 June 1866
? this cross purpose was never received ex my office and I know nothing of it except to pin it ----

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