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BLACK BURN Woodhead Burn
Black Burn
Black Burn
Black Burn
Black Burn
Plan of the Estate made in 1762
E. Hoggan Factor for the Estate
Mr. McKinnell
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Menzies
James Hyslop
031 [Situation] At Nos. 25, and 26, on Trace 3. In a North-Eastern direction through Plans 31/9 [31]/10 and [31]/6 to Scar Water.
A small narrow stream which Issues from Ponds on Waterside Moor runs in a N.E. [North Eastern] direction through this Plan, passing by the farm house called Woodhead sometimes called Black Burn. This stream is best known as "Black Burn" although a portion of it is known as Woodhead Burn - it bears the name Black from the Pond at the North Side of Waterside to its Junction with "Penfillan Burn" thence Knowe Water takes the name of "Claddoch Burn"
Penfillan Burn
Penfillan Burn
Henry Smith
E. Hoggan
Mr. Kinnell
031 [Situation] No. 34 on Trace 3. On Keir Hill - flowing in a North-Eastern direction.
A Small Stream having its source on Beuchan Moor & bears the name to its Junction with Black Burn - the United Water takes the name of Claddoch.

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Parish of Keir -- Plan 31/9

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