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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Barjarg Moor
Barjarg Moor
Barjarg Moor
Barjarg Hill
Barjarg Hill
Mr. F. Hunter Arundell of Barjarg
Mr. Crawfords Map of Dumfries
Black's Co. [County] Map
Estate Plans of yr. [year] 1762
So called in the District
Stat: Acc. [Statistical Account] of Dumfries
031; 040 [Situation] No. 39 on Trace 6 To the South of and adjoining Beuchan Moor and Plantation.
A large tract of Moorland rough and healthy and commonly called Barjarg Hill property of William Francis Hunter Arundell of Barjarg. `'This is Gaelic derived thus Bar - a Top or bank. jarg means Red but should be Dearg therefore the nice & correct name is Bardearg" the proprietor says Jarg is yellow but this is a mistake.
Bught Knowe
Bught Knowe
Plan of 1846
Mr. H Smith
Mr. Wright.
031 [Situation] On the West of No. 33 on Trace 3. About 25 Chains N.E. [North East] of Linnhead Rigg.
A small Knoll on Penfillan Moor near which is a Sheepfold from which the knowe or hill derives its name property of His Grace Duke of Buccleuch. Occupied by H. Smith. Penfillan Mains
CRANE MOSS Cringan Moss
Cringan Moss
Cringan Moss
Crane Moss
Crane Moss
Crane Moss
Plan of the farm 1846
Mr. Henry Smith
Mr. Black
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Menzies
James Hyslop
Edward Hoggan Esq.
031 [Situation] At No. 21 on Trace 2. About 27 chains N.W. [North West] of Linnhead Rigg.
A narrow Stripe of Moss having a great number of Cranes or cranberries growing in it - hence the name. Crane - the local name for Cranberry - moor or moss-berry.

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