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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BARBUIE BURN [Barbuie Burn]
[Barbuie Burn]
Barboy Burn
Barbuie Burn
Barbuie Burn
Mr. Fergusson
Mr. Crosbie
Estate Plan 1837
John G. Clark Esqr. Speddoch
R. Kilpatrick Speddoch Hill
048 [Situation] No. [Number] 66 on Trace 5 .
A stream forming a boundary between Holywood Ph [Parish] and Kirkpatrick [Irongray]
Map of 1837
Mr. Fergusson
Mr. Crosbie
048 [Situation] No. [Number] 68 69. 70 71 on Trace 5.
A few cottages and [garden(s)] occupied by laboring [men]
Mill Bank
Mill Bank
Estate Plan
Mr. Fergusson
Mr. Crosbie
048 [Situation] No. [Number] 43 on Trace 5
A Steep bank wooded, forming a remarkable [feature] overhanging Cairn Water

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 14,
Parish of Holywood Sheet 48 Plan 2,

[Signed] M Donohue C.A. [Civil Assistant]

Transcriber's notes

There are initials JBJ below each of the entries in the Orthography and also initials(?) in the List of Names - Won?

Barbuie Burn - Other modes of spelling - the first two entries are " - since they seem to be in the same ink as the name written in the 1st column I am assuming the writer is meaning ditto for the spelling in the 1st column.

Descriptive Remarks - all 3 entries - some letters lost in the page fold - best guesses entered

[Mill Bank - Note] If the name applies to the Bank it should be in [St-- on plan] But if it [opens] to the wood - then the description should be " A Wood on a Steep Bank [&c] - not "Steep bank - wooded [&c] [amo]

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