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Allfornought Burn
William Park Solwaybank Toll Bar
Revd [Reverend] Mr Smith, Minister Half Morton
052; 053 [Situation] On the boundary between Middlebie and Half Morton.
A stream which has its source North of Alfornought, this name applies to it as far as Pringle Burn, where they both unite and fall into Lark River; the latter forms the Boundary between Canonbie and Half Morton Phs. [Parishes] and falls into the Solway Frith
WOODSIDE BURN Woodside Burn See Page 131. of Middlebie Name Book for authorities. 052; 053
GIBSON'S KNOWE Gibson's Knowe
Gibson's Knowe
William Park Solway Bank TollBar
Rev [Reverend] Mr Smith, Minister Half Morton
052 [Situation] On the south bank of Allfornought Burn.
A small hill the surface of which is RP. [Rough Pasture] about a quarter of a mile North of Solway Bank Toll Bar, beside Allfornought Burn on the Highstoneridge farm.

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