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FORT [Over Cassock] Camp (over Cassock) Mr. James Glendinning farmer, Over Cassock.
Mr. Robert Thompson Nether Cassock
018 [Situation] Immediately South of Over Cassock
This camp is supposed to have been a station belonging to the Romans; but judging from its form, which is circular, and the general [--] of the intelligent portion of the inhabitants, it is [--] to be of British origin. It is situated immediately in front of Over Cassock, and still presents [--] and artificial features of considerable [--] On the East and South Bar Burn, with its precipitous banks, renders approach difficult and dangerous, on the North and West it is protected by a deep fosse or ditch, called "the lake" [--] which Bar Burn could easily be turned [--] At different times considerable quantities of [--] been dug from its embankments, but no coins [--] been found. In the centre a mound of [--] burnt earth & stones is still visible.
FORT (Remains of) [Fingland] Camp (Fingland) Mr. James Glendinning farmer, Over Cassock
Mr. Robert Thompson Nether Cassock
018 [Situation] Immediately North of Fingland
This camp is doubtless of British origin and it is circular in form, it appears to have been small & never of great strength. It is [--] situated both for observation & defence, the [--] about it being generally level. From its [--] it must have been closely connected with [--] at Over Cassock. But a small portion [--] earthworks remains.

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