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SAVINGS BANK [Dumfries] Savings Bank
Savings Bank
Savings Bank
Savings Bank
James Caldow Esqre.
Revd. [Reverend] Thomas Duncan D.D. [Doctor of Divinity]
Inscription on door
Robert Kemp Esqre.
049 [situation] On the N.W. [North West] side of Church Crescent
A handsome and Commodious building of the Corinthian Style of architecture, erected in 1849. at a Cost of £1120. In a recess of the front wall stands the Statue of the Revd. [Reverend] Henry Duncan D.D. [Doctor of Divinity] late Minister of the Free Church Ruthwell, who was the inventor of this Institution. The BanK is managed by a Treasurer, an Assistant Treasurer and Accountant whose duties are to attend every Saturday evening from 7 to 9 o'clocK to receive and pay Cash and the ballance remaining is carried and lodged by the Assistant Treasurer in the BanK of Scotland Safe every Saturday night. The Cash deposited And paid is examined and balanced by the three officials of the BanK every night of Meeting. A Quarterly Court is held by all the Office-bearers of the BanK when all the transactions for the past three months are Scrupulously examined and all necessary business of the BanK Considered and disposed of. The BanK was established February 1815, And enrolled under 59. George III, Cap 62.
MOATBRAE * Moatbrae
Mr. Halliday
Mr. Willet
Mr. Learmont
049 [situation] at the N. [North] end of Irvine Street.
* A good house with Gardens and ornamental grounds, the property of the Occupier Mrs. [BarnKin]

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