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ST MICHAEL'S CHURCH St. Michael's Church
Old Church
St. Michael's Church
Revd. [Reverend] R.Wallace D.D. [Doctor of Divinity]
Map of Town 1819
R. Kemp Esqr.
055 [Situation] On the N.E. [North East] side of St. Michael Street
A large plain built edifice [with a] tower used as belfry, surmounted [by a] spire of considerable height. In the [Tower] is a good clock having 3 faces- The [interior] of the Church is well fitted up with [fine] galleries & sufficiently Commodious with Sittings for About 1200- Average [number] of Congregation About 850 Communicants about 525 - Clergyman the Revd. [Reverend] R. Wallace D.D. [Doctor of Divinity] whose Stipend Amounts [to] £310, with Manse and Glebe of [about] 7 Acres of land. The Cemetery that surrounds this Church is famed for the vast number And the singular [variety] of its Monuments, being According to Calculation About 2100. in the N.E. [North East] Corner of the Cemetery Stands a Splendid Mauseoleum over the remains of the Poet Robert burns erected in 1815 at a Cost of about £1450, depayed by public Subscription, Sanctioned by a Contribution of 50 Guineas from George IV - Also in the Centre of the graveyard is a Monument built of hewn granite Over the Ashes of 3 Martyrs who were murdered during the [persecution ?] This Church was built in 1745 upon the site of an old Church dedicated to St. Michael, the patron Saint of Dumfries, which was pulled down to make way for the present Edifice. [Continued below]
SITE OF ST MICHAEL'S CHAPEL Site of St. Michael's Chapel
Site of st. Michael's Chapel
Gazr [Gazetteer] of Scotland
Statistics of Dumfries
055 [Situation] On the Site of St. Michael's Church [See Above]
The date cannot be ascertained [when] the old Church dedicated to St. Michael was erected, but the following is a quotation from Chalmers' Caledonia "[At] first see the Churches of Dumfries town mentioned in record during the 12th. Century, when the principal Church had been dedicated to St. Michael the Patron Saint.-

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[Page] 172 -- Parish of Dumfries -- Plan 55.3.

[Note] " The Antiquity above noticed and written on 5ft Plans seems to have been merely a Chapel dependent either on Greyfriars or Some other Church
as such is noticed by Gazr [Gazetteer] of Scotland, thus - " After the Assassination of the Red Comyn the frequenters of the Greyfriars Monastery deserted it And began to resort to [St] Michaels' Chapel which stood upon the site of the present St. Michael's Church .- The Statistical Account is to the same effect.-

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