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DALTON [Continued from page 1]
1 1/2 miles South-West from this Village there is a hamlet called Carrutherstown in which there is a Public house. Dermont, Rammerscales, Denbie and Whitecroft are the principal houses the two former of which are elegant modern mansions. Parish Population about 700.
The present Parish of Dalton comprehends the old Parishes of Meikle Dalton and Little Dalton which were united immediately after the Reformation. In 1609 they were both united to that of Mouswald but in 1633 were disjoined therefrom and erected into their present form - the Church of Meikle Dalton having then been made the united parochial Church. The ruins of Little Dalton Church still exist and are situated towards the North-West district. It appears to have been appropriated by the Carruthers of Holmains for a Burial place "Little Dalton Church enclosing the burial ground of the descendants of the Carruthers of Holmains." Statistics The Ecclesiastical Antiquities and Gazetteer of Scotland state however that "when the two Parishes were conjoined Little Dalton Church was demolished" The people of locality affirm however that Little Dalton Church was in use up to 1703 - that is up to the date of erection of the present Parish Church which also seems quite at variance with the foregoing authorities wherein it is stated that "Meikle Dalton Church was used by the Parishioners from 1633" thereby implying that these ruins represent those of Meikle Dalton Church which was in use from the union of the two Parishes. In the absence of any authorities upon these discrepancies, it may be here assumed that they may have in part arisen from the circumstance of the church's appropriation and the confusion of dates of demise of several of the Carruthers family (See Page 34) About 12 chains West thereof the Site of Little Dalton village is still pointed out. A few Chains South of Dalton village the vestiges of a Fort may still be traced the entrenchment on the West side thereof being readily distinguished. This is supposed to be the ancient Fort from which the Name of Parish is derived. On Holmains Moor 1 1/2 mile from the northern extremity of Parish there is a large Cairn composed chiefly of small stones supposed by people of locality to have been raised by the Picts which supposition however is not entertained by any Authority. About 50 Chains West therefrom there is a circular Camp defined by a single entrenchment, which commands a view along the vale of Annan. It is considered by the well informed of the district to be a British Camp. The Statistics say "This Camp is formed upon a transition rock of greywacke, its diameter is 102 yards, the ditch or fosse is 9 feet deep and 27 feet broad - It must have been a place of considerable strength from the great inclination of the hill on its North and East sides. The lower part of the Camp appears to have been separated by a rampart or wall made of stones taken from the fosse, many of which are in a vitrified state. This wall has been removed. The diameter of the upper part of the Camp is 54 yards and the entrance to it is on the Western side". Near the middle of the Western Boundary in Deadmangill there is a Cairn where it is supposed malefactors were interred during an early age. In Kirkwood grounds an ancient Rocking stone which has however been displaced is still entire, Towards the Northern extremity of Parish the site of the ancient stronghold of the Carruthers of Holmains, the ruins of which were extant so recently as 1835. "The only Ancient edifice is Holmains Tower the seat of the Carruthers of Holmains but now totally in ruins" Statistics. A Chapel dedicated to St Brigid is traditionally reported in the locality to have existed in this Parish the Site of which has accordingly been pointed out - about 45 Chains south from Dalton village.

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Parish of Dalton -- Co. [County] Dumfries

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