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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Site of CASTLE (Carlaverock] Site of Carlaverock Castle
Site of Carlaverock Castle
Mr. Constable Maxwell Esqr.
Francis Maxwell Esqr.
Old Statistical Account of Carlaverock
McDiarmids Picture of Dumfries
Fullartons Gazetteer of Scotland
061 [Situation] 10 Chains S.E. by S. [South East by South] of Carlaverock Castle and about 3 miles S.E. [South East] from Glencaple. A chomboidal elevation nearly horizontal on the top which is overgrown with underwood. Here formerly stood a moated triangular Castle which is generally allowed to have been founded as far back as the 6th. Century, supposed by Camden to have been the Carbantorigum of Ptolemy. Documents are yet extant wherein it is spoken of as the Chief Seat of the Maxwell family in the 11th. Century. Mr. F. Maxwell states that the foundations yet remain, but as the accumulation above is very Considerable, they Could not be laid bare without much trouble And Expense.

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[Page] 79
Parish of Carlaverock

Plan 61.9 Trace 5.

Authorities in mentioning this antiquity do not designate it as Carlaverock Castle. This probably in consequence of the many disputes which have arisen among antiquarians & as to the origin or the yet unsatisfactory conclusions of many knotty points anent thereto. Castle is therefore and also for distinction from Caerlaverock Castle adopted here.

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