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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CARLAVEROCK CASTLE (In Ruins) Caerlaverock Castle (Antiquity of the 14th Ceny. [Century]
Caerlaverock Castle (Antiquity of the 14th Ceny. [Century]
Caerlaverock Castle (Antiquity of the 14th Ceny. [Century]
Carlaverock Castle
Carlaverock Castle
Karlaveroc or Carlaveroc Castle
Carlaverock Castle
Karlaverock Castle
Mr. Craig
Mr. Hunter
Mr. Bell
Francis Maxwell Esqr. Commissioner for Mr. Comstable Maxwell Esqr. of Nithsdale.
Estate Writings from 15th Century up to the present period.
Ancient Title Deeds (yet extent) prior to 15 Centy. [Century]
Estate Map 1776
A Poem Contemporary with the taking of the Castle in 1300. "Le siege de Karlaverock"
061 [Situation] Nearly 3 miles S.E. [South East] from Glencaple. A massive ruin having two conical towers attached, on the North side, built in a triangular shape, in imitation of the Ancient Shield apparently this memorable Old ruin was a place of Considerable Strength It was the Ancient seat of the family of Maxwell, some say as early as the time of King Malcolm Canmore, but of this many doubts exist Although some well authenticated works take on themselves to say so, among which is Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland but other Ancient works on this point are a Stronger evidence The date of its erection is uncertain but must have been about 1425 in the reign of James 1, from the appelation of Murdoch's Tower given to the round tower at the S.W. [South West] angle which it obtained from the circumstance of Murdoch, duke of Albany being confined in it that year and this is further corroborated by an ancient pedigree of the family of Maxwell. Some authorities and Books etc. say that this was besieged by Edward 1 which is doubtful but no doubt exists, but that he and 87 distinguished knights & 3000 chosen warriors besieged the castle in the wood about 300 yards S. [South] of this,
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Parish, Carlaverock

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