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CANONBIE [Continued from page 1]
its Source at Ettrick Pen in Moffat Ph [Parish], several Streams in this Ph [Parish] contributing their waters thereto the most important of which is Liddel Water on the S.En [South Eastern] boundary and Tarras Water on the N.Wn [North Western] boundary - Glenzier Burn from the N.Wn [North Western] point of Parish running SE. by E. [South East by East] through the Wn [Western] district and joining the Esk in its course through England & Archer Beck from the heights at the N,E. [North East] running nearly South through the En [Eastern] district and falling into Liddel Water are also considerable streams. The Liddel is remarkable for its rugged channel and the romantic scenery of its banks, of which Penton Linns is conspicuous. The entire district is well watered by numerous rills and Springs the water of Marl well in the N.Wn [North Western] district having a petrifying quality The district as compared with most of the other Parishes of Dumfriesshire is rich in mineral productions, - Coal in two seams respectively of 9 and 7 feet thick are wrought at Rowanburn near the S.En [South Eastern] point of the Parish. Lime-stone is also extensively worked at Harelaw and Holehouse in the En [Eastern] district, which is of the best quality, is easily procured and seems inexhaustible. The entire district is traversed in all directions by Turnpike and other roads. The proposed Liddesdale line of Railway from Hawick to Carlisle will intersect the Parish - passing through the vale of the Esk. Though well populated there is nothing worthy of Recognition as a village or town, but there are one or two hamlets in the S.En [South Eastern] district. The whole Parish is owned by the Duke of Buccleuch. There is a Parish Church two Ph [Parish] Schools and one Free Church. Population at the last census 3,136.
The New Statistical account remarks "The remains of a Roman Station are very visible somewhat less than a mile to the East of Gilknockie on the rising ground" etc Enquiries having been made, the farmer of the district states that the camp here referred to was ploughed up some years ago, and consequently all vestiges of it are now effaced. The Roman Road is also mentioned as having passed through this Camp, but no trace of it now exists. The vestiges of a large Camp are yet extrant near the central district which from its dimensions and formation - being precisely similar to Agricola's Camp in Dryfesdale - may be readily characterised as a Roman Camp. Circular aqgers exist in the NWn [North Western] district, like similar objects in other districts characterised as a British Fort. A Standing Stone or Cromlech and a Cairn at the N.En [North Eastern] point of Parish Chalmers has identified with the Druids. From the exposure of this Parish to the plundering incursions of english borderers onlny vestiges of antiquities coeval therewith are yet extrant. Remains yet exist of Auchenrivock Tower, & Gilknockie or Hollows Tower and the Sites of Mumbie Tower, Woodhead Tower, Sark Tower, Harelaw Tower, Gilknockie Castle and Kinmont Tower have also been shewn. Most of these Strongholds belonged to the Family of Armstrong the notorious freebooters. Vestiges of a strong embankment still exist at the Sn [Southern] extremity of Ph [Parish] of which no mention is made by Statl. [Statistical] or other Authority, but it is supposed by people in the district to have been thrown up during border rieves. The Sites of a Monastery or Priory from which the Ph [Parish] derives Name, - of Morton Church originally attached to Morton Ph [Parish] previous to part of it being Annexed to Canonbie in 1703. - and of two other Chapels have also been shewn. Of the Scots Dike the the New Stat: Acct. [Statistical Account] remarks - x x x "in the year 1552 a partition was agreed upon by the sovereigns of the respective domains and the Scotch Dike - a line of plantation drawn between the two rivers was thenceforward to be the boundary."

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Parish of Canonbie -- County of Dumfries

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