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045; 046; 053; 054; 059; 060 [Situation] At the S.En. [South Eastern] extremity of the County of Dumfries.

The name of this Parish is usually supposed to be a pure Saxon compound and to mean the residence of the Canons, but it is also said to be derived from Latin canobium a monastery from Koinos and Bios because the monks lived in common. The Site of a Monastery or Priory is still shown. Canonbie from the Saxon is however the more modern and generally approved orthography.

The Parish of Canonbie is bounded on the North by those of Ewes and Langholm, on the East by Castleton in Roxburghshire and Cumberlandshire, on the South by Cumberland-shire and on the West by Half-Morton, Middlebie and Langholm. There is no detached part of Canonbie within the boundaries of another Parish nor is there within the boundaries above assigned to it a detached portion of any other Parish. It is about 9 miles long and 6 miles broad near its centre. Its area has been computed at 24,361 acres, of which 2/3 may be arable, between 6,000 and 7,000 acres pasture and about 1500 acres wood. The district is not mountainous like those of Langholm and Ewes which adjoin it, the highest grounds are towards the North and North-East which by a gentle accline attain an elevation of from 300 to 500 feet - the remainder of the Parish being low and flat occasionally diversified by ridges. The central district is intersected by the River Esk a large Stream which has
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Parish of Canonbie -- County of Dumfries

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