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Hope Burn
Hope Burn
Comilair Burn
William Davidson Gillenbie Hope
Mr. Stewart, Gillenbie
Thomas Davidson Balgray Hill
Johnston's Coutny Map
043 [Situation] From the N.W. [North West] end of Gillenbie Hope S.E. [South East] to Corrie Water.
A Small stream of Water which has its Source in Gillenbie Hope running in a Southerly direction through Gillenbie Hope to Corrie Water. Mr. Stewart of Gillenbie says that the lower part of this Stream is frequently called "Corrie law Burn" thats from Corrielaw Bridge to Corrie Water from its running through a portion of Corrie Law farm. but the Authorities think that in general the name "Hope Burn" applies to the whole of the Stream from its source to its junction with Corrie Water.
Hope Burn is the most approved name from its Source to its Confluence with Corrie Water Notwithstanding, that from Corrielaw Bridge to Corrie Water is through the farm of Corrielaw, from which it may derive the name Corrielaw Burn. for the distance of 23 Chains

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Parish of Applegarth Plan 43.11 Trace 2

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