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Clackmannan Tower
Clackmannan Tower
Mr. Thomas Russell
Rev. [Reverend] Peter Balfour
Mr. Joseph Russell
140.05 A square tower, about eighty feet in height, the only remaining part of an ancient stronghold, supposed to have been built in the early part of the fourteenth century, and afterwards occupied as a royal residence. It was surrounded by a moat, no part of which is at present traceable, but a small portion a short distance to the east of the Tower, where the drawbridge was placed. It has a stone spiral staircase which gives access to two stone floors supported by arches. The walls are of great thickness, ad [and] are in a good state of preservation. It has a light slated roof of modern construction.

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Parish of ClacKmannan

"The old tower, which still remains, is said to have been built
by King Robert Bruce. From the style of the building indeed (for
there is no date upon it,) it appears to have been erected about
this time; and from several names of places, we may conclude
that it actually was the residence of some of the Kings, as the fol-
lowing names seem to indicate 'King's Seat Hill', 'King's Meadow
Park' and others of a similar nature, in the vicinity of the tower.
The greatest height of the tower is 79 feet. It contains a variety of
apartments, and has been surrounded by a moat, with a drawbridge.
Adjoining the tower stood the old mansion, the residence of the
family, till the direct line became extinct." Statistical Account.

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