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LADY'S WELL Lady’s Well Andrew Jamieson Esqr
James Moir Esqr
S. N. Morrison
133.15 A spring well about ¼ of a mile N.W. [North West] of the village of Tullibody, there is nothing known respecting this well further than its being traditionay supposed to be associated with the Old Church of Tullibody, which was originally Roman Catholic.

“And at Tullibody is one of excellent water, the Lady’s Well, a name coeval with the early days of Popery.” Statistical Acct [Account]
MANSE Free Church Manse James Moir Esqr
Mr S. N. Morrison
Andrew Jamieson Esqr
133.15 A plain mansion, consisting of one and two stories, with garden attached, slated and in good repair, property of property of the Free Church of Scotland.

It is considered superfluous to prefix Free Church to this name as the object is so near to the church.

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