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ACKERGILL TOWER 020 [Continued from Page 97]
twilight are falling, all this is at the Command of one of Scotlands honoured sons. Sir George Dunbar, Bart. [Baronet] AcKergill, Hempriggs, &c.
Castle Haven
Castle Haven
John Thane,
William Thane,
James Flett.
020 A small entrance, seems to have been artificially cut out in the rocK, for the accomodation of a small boat, for the use of the occupants of AcKergill Tower, it being almost in front of the same.
ACKERGILL LINKS AcKergill Links John Thane,
William Thane,
James Flett.
019 A piece of rough pasture with a number of sandy Hillocks belonging to Sir G Dunbar.

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Parish of WicK -- Co: [County] Caithness

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