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AcKergill Tower
John Thane, AcKergill Shore.
William Thane, AcKergill Shore
James Flett AcKergill Shore
020 The rural habitation of a country gentleman, handsomely constructed & adorned by art with what nature could not supply. Pleasantly situated on the sea shore at the foot of a gently sloping plain, abounding in cultivation.
In distance from WicK about 3 miles, a carriage drive of about a mile in length, and quite straight, leading to the county road. The present building is of modern construction, all but the massive tower in the centre which dates bacK from the twelfth century. Said to have belonged at that period - and probably erected by him - to a scion of the Sutherland family. By inter marriage possessed by Earl Marischal Keith, and eventually by the same process now in possession of the present owner who is an old man on the verge of eternity, into whose hands it will fall latterly is very uncertain. It faces the paternal acres. overlooKing the ornamental ground which is beautifully adorned by floral decoration, also a substantial Kitchen Garden. From one side of the rectangular tower a splendid view of Sinclair's Bay is to be had. stretching out seaward on both Sides, presenting a lovely aspect in a calm summer evening, when the shades of
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Parish of WicK -- Co: [County] of Caithness

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