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KNOCK STANGER Knock Stanger James Sutherland, Esq, Mary's Cottage
Mr Gunn, Schoolmaster
William Innes, Esq, Reay
009 Half a mile due East of Sandside House and near where the Sandside Burn joins the sea stands a Pictish Cairn half covered with sand and overgrown with bent.
Supposed Site of ANCIENT TOWN [Knock Stanger] 009 It was at Cnoc Stanger where the remains of a town was discovered - vide Acct [Account) - which says: "In 1751 a waterspout which fell in that year 5 miles above Reay, occasioned so great a torrent as to cut out a new channel through the sand between Reay and the shore 16 feet deep, which discovered the remains of a town.
PICT'S HOUSE (Remains of) [Knock Stanger] 009 The Ends of seven houses built with stone were seen in a line, and the remains of several others, with some pieces of pavement the stones being of good quality were carried off - and the banks soon falling prevented any further search - pieces of Earthen ware were found among the ruins" There is now no trace whatever of the remains above mentioned.
STONE CISTS, URNS, HUMAN REMAINS & BRONZE PINS &c FOUND HERE [Knock Stanger] 009 Mr Sutherland - one of the authorities given above, told me that he has found, in the sand, in the vicinity of Cnoc Stanger - bodies buried in Every conceivable position - some erect, some leaning backward, some forward others in a crouching position - with and without cists - also some urns with burned bones - bronze pins & needles - &c - after a strong north East wind the sand drifts so much as to sometimes lay bare human skeletons. Skulls are frequently found - two very large ones with other bones may be seen in Sandside House. At the base of Cnoc Stanger may sometimes be seen (for sand drifts at times so as to cover it) a circle of small stones set on Edge - which a well Known Antiquary - see p. [page] 7 for remainder

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