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Site of CONFLICT BETWEEN CLANS A.D. 1437 Site of Conflict Mr Gunn, Phl.(Parochial) Schoolmaster Reay.
William Innes Esq. Reay
Mr George Ross, Reay
009 Sir Robert Gordon who writes the history of the House and Earldom of Sutherland says: "In this Earl (Robert AD 1437) of Sutherland his days, Neil-Masse-McKay - (i.e. Niel of the Bass) immediately after his releasement out of the Bass, the year 1437, Entered Caithness, and spoiled the County. He skirmished with some of the people of the country, at a place called Sansett, (Sandside) where he overthrew them, with slaughter on either side. This conflict was called "Ruoig Hansett," that is the Flight or Chase of Sansett. After which Niel Masse died leaving two sons, Angus and John Roy. of this John Roy, Sleaght-ean-Roy (offspring of John Roy) are descended" (Sir Robert Gordon's Geanealogical History of the Earldom Sutherland, Page 68) Robert McKay - in His History of the House and Clan McKay says: "The tradition regarding this invasion, is to the Following Effect: The people of Caithness had committed some depredations on the East part of the Reay Country, in return for which he, (that is Neil Masse) and his brother John Abrach with their men, Marched into Caithness and took a great spoil with them - the better to provide against an assault, the placed a reserve about the border (of the county) beyond Druimholister (Drum Hollistan - see sheet 9 traces 2 and 3) (Prospect Hill) to be ready to assist if necessary. Niel and John were overtaken by a great company of Caithness men at Downreay, when a fierce conflict ensued: but at length the latter fled, and were pursued with slaughter about four miles to the Water of Forss, to assist their flying countrymen - The McKays then retired back as far as Sandside, before their opponents got up with them, and by that time they were joined their reserve. A most (over)
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Ph. [Parish] of Reay -- County of Caithness

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