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[TREASURE TROVE (1813) Ascogbank] Sold their prize. Several of the Rothesay labourers returned on the Sunday, and collected about as many as the overseer had got which would be about 4lbs. In their haste, those 2 parties had scattered some of them amongst the earth, and a good many were picked up by the boys in the course of that day. About two-thirds of the coins were English pennies of Edward 11 and 111, and a few of Edward 1. There were a few Irish pennies of the same reigns, also a few Scottish coins of Alexander 111 and Robert Bruce, and one or two of John Baliol:- the remainder were coins of Flanders etc. As there were no coins among them later than the reign of Edward 111 of England, it is presumed that they were hid in his reign :- and as no private individual in Scotland, was likely to have had so much English money, it is supposed that it may have been the Military Purse, which the paymaster of Rothesay Castle had escaped with, and hid here, at the time it surrendered to the vassals of the Steward of Scotland in 1335, and that he may have been killed, or afraid to return in search of it." Wilsons Guide to Rothesay
ANNE'S LODGE Annes Lodge
Annes Lodge
Annes Lodge
William Bartholemew Pro, [Proprietor]
William York
Mr. McBeth Rothesay
204.07 A fine dwelling with offices and some ornamental ground attached.

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