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Ascog Burn
Ascog Burn
Ascog Burn
Ascog Burn
Mr. Wilson, Town Clerk
Mr. Muir, Foley House
Provost McKirdy, Rothesay
Origines Parochiales
Fullarton's Gazette.
204.07 A Small Stream having its source from Loch Ascog, and running in a northeastern direction to its influx with the Sea at Millhole.
Mr. York. Pro. [Proprietor]
William McBeth. Factor
Mr. Gilles Rothesay
204.07 A fine dwelling house being a feu on the estate of Ascog. It has a garden and a Small portion of ornamental ground attached.
TREASURE TROVE (1813) [Ascogbank] A Treasure Trove (Found here)

A Treasure Trove (Found here)
Mr. York, Pro. [Proprietor]
William McBeth. Factor
Mr. Gilles Rothesay
Wilsons Guide
204.07 A little northeast of the house at the angle of the parish Road. "A treasure trove was once found, on the 14th of Aug 1813, Some labourers employed in cutting the road through Ascog bank, discovered within a recess of the rock, and covered with about 15 inches of earth and rubbish, an immence quantity of ancient silver coins. The overseer of the workmen gathered about a soup platefull in his hat, and covered the place with Stones, intending to explore it fully on Monday, as it was now Saturday evening, but some Irishmen who were employed at the work returned the same evening with a lantern, and dug up such a quantity as made it worth their while to desert before morning, and they never returned. It is understood that they went to Glasgow and sold

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