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AYTON Ayton (Village)
Ayton (Village)
Ayton (Village)
John MacIntyre
Thomas Bowhill Esqr.
Co [County] Map
011.08 ; 012.05 The village of Ayton stands on Eye Water and on the Edinburgh And Berwick road. near the centre of the Parish. and about 8 miles from Berwick. It is modern regular, neat, and cleanly. It stands partly on a pleasant bank sloping to the south. has some handsome villas in its outskirts, It contains a parochial church & school. two United Presbyterian churches And two good private schools also a Post Office. A court room, a Lockup, and Branch Offices of the Commercial Bank of Scotland. and the City of Glasgow. Bank, A very good Hotel, an Inn, a small Public house. two grocers or general dealers. three bakers two drapers & clothiers, and several tradesmen of various crafts, also a small tannery. and Gas Works, (the street are well lighted with gas). It contains also two resident medical practitioners. - There is a small Railway station on the North British line of Railway, within ¾ of a [mile] of the Village, The houses comprising the Village are the property of various persons but the Ground is feued fr [from] Capn [Captain] Innes. Ayton Castle, Population about 600.
LOCK-UP [Ayton] Lockup
John MacIntyre
Thomas Bowhill. Esqr
Mr Cairns, Ayton
012.05 A narrow building two stories high and in good repair, Defaulters can only be detained 24 ho [hours] prior to the transfer to Dunse or Greenlaw, It is occupied by the constable. who has charge of the building, - It is the property of the County.

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Parish of Ayton -- Sheet 12 No5 -- Trace 1 -- Collected by John W Rodgers,

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