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CHURCH [Stewarton] Church (Established)
Church (Established)
Church (Established)
Mr. R. MacKie
Mr. R. Logan
013 A plain edifice which, according to the dates on W. & S. [West & South] sides of the exterior was built in the year 1695. Since that period it has been repaired also enlarged 3 times, and at present is anything but in a satisfactory condition. The Cuninghams of Corsehill & Lainshaw have family vaults beneath the Church.
MANSE [Stewarton] Manse (Established)
Manse (Established)
Manse (Established
Mr. R MacKie
Mr. R. Neilson
Mr. Black
013 A comfortable residence with garden, Stables & Yard also several acres of excellent pasture land conveniently situate at the S.W. [South West] end of Stewarton, 4 chains W. [West] by S. [South] of the Parish Church
Mr. R. MacKie
Estate Map
Mr. R. Neilson
013 A small dairy farm, with dwelling house Stables & Barn in a row adjoining the Kennox & Stewarton Parish Trust Road, is abt. [about[ 3 furlongs W.S.W. [West South West] from Stewarton.

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Stewarton No. 21.
XIII.9 T. [Trace] 4

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