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SCHOOL [Stewarton] School (Parochial) Boys & Girls
School (Parochial) Boys & Girls
School (Parochial) Boys & Girls
Mr. R. MacKie
Mr. Sinclair (Master)
Mr. Logan`
013 A plain building of two Storeys, the lower storey is the Schoolroom & the upper the Masters dwelling - The Master has£34.4.4½ from the heritors, besides the School fees; at present there are abt. [about] 75 Boys & 35 Girls daily in attendance.
LAINSHAW MILL (Corn) Lainshaw Mill
Lainshaw Mill
Lainshaw Mill
Mr. R. MacKie
Mr. R. Nielson
Mr. Black
013 A large Corn Mill on the banks of the Annock near to the Glasgow & Irvine Road abt. [about] 15 chains S.E [South East] of Stewarton.
PEACOCKBANK T.P. Peacockbank T.B. [Toll Bar]
Peacockbank T.B. [Toll Bar]
Peacockbank T.B.[Toll Bar]
Mr. Snodgrass
Alexander Frewe (Collector)
Mr. Nielson
013 A Small Cottage at the junction of Kilmarnock & Stewarton Trust Road with that of the Glasgow & Irvine. is abt. [about] 2 furlongs S.E. [South East] of Stewarton

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Stewarton No. 21.
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