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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BANKEND (Ruin) Bankend (in Ruins
James McAlister Esqr.
Mr James Orr
Mr James Wilson Sandylands
012 A small farm house formerly stood here but the greater part of the stones etc. have been taken away for other purposes, [--] the land is now joined to the farm of [--]
CHAPELTON Chapeltoun
Chapeltoun or Chapelton
Laigh Chapelton
Low Chapletoun
James McAlister Esq
Title Deeds
Robert Miller Esqr.
Aitkins Ph. [Parish] Map
Johnson's Co. [County] Map
Voters List
Paterson's History
Full. [Fullerton's] Gazetteer
012 A neat building with garden & ornamental ground around it, the property and residence of James McAlister Esqr. Situated on the right bank of the Annick about 2 miles below Stewarton. part of this house [is] believed to have been a Chapel in former times. (see Chapel Formerly)
CHAPELTON MAINS Chapeltoun Mains
Chapeltoun Mains
Chapeltoun Mains
James McAlister Esqr.
Robert Miller Esqr.
Mr. James Orr
012 A very good farm house and offices [--] Chapeltoun occupied by Mr. McAllister's servants, etc.

Continued entries/extra info

Parish of Stewarton -- XII.16 T. [Trace] 4

"Some years ago the ruins of a Chapel were discovered near
the farm house of Low Chapelton, about a mile below
Stewarton." Paterson's History
page 152
"On the lands od Langshaw, which is now called Lainshaw in the Parish of Stewarton, there was, in former
times, a chapel, which was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and which had an appropriate [endowment]
After the Reformation the endowment was appropriated by the patron, and the chapel was allowed
to fall into ruins. The place where the chapel stood was denonominated, in the 17th century, Chapeltoun
is now called Chapel" Paterson's History

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