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Site of OCHILTREE CASTLE Ochiltree Castle
Ochiltree Castle
Ochiltree Castle
William Paterson
Thomas Cuthbert
W. M. Walker
034 The Site of an ancient castle Situated on a high and precipitous rock on the South bank of the Lugar. No trace of the building remains at present except a few loose Stones Scattered about. It is not Known at what time it was built.
KEMP'S CASTLE Kemp's Castle
Kemp's Castle
Kemp's Castle
Kemp's Castle
William Paterson
Thomas Cuthbert
W. M. Walker
Johnston's County Map
034 A large freestone rock on the South bank of the Lugar, about twenty feet Square, rising perpendicular from the edge of the river. Its north, east & west Sides are about Sixty feet high, and its South Side, from where the Sloping bank meets it is about twenty feet. Whether the name is derived from its peculiar shape or from its having been the retreat of a robber is not Known.

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Sheet 34.4 -- Parish of Ochiltree.

[Note] "Of the old Castle of Ochiltree that stood on the banks
"of the Lugar, nothing remains but the foundation; the
"stones having been taken away at different times to build
"houses & dikes on the adjoining farms."
Statistical Account (1842)

[Note] "There is," says the Statistical Account, "detached from the rock on the
"banks of the Lugar, a large stone, about 60 feet high, by 40 feet in
"length, and 20 feet in breadth, partially covered on the top with shrubs,
" heather & grass. It is regarded as a great curiosity, and called, from its
"'peculiar form, Kemp's Castle.' The name of this rock, or stone, can hardly
"be derived from its 'peculiar form' though possibly from the Scottish word kemp, to
"contend or compete. At the same time, there is a tradition of a famous robber, called
"Kemp, having at one time existed in Scotland, whose name may have been given to such
"retreats for the lawless as Kemp's Castle at Ochiltree."
Patterson's History of Ayrshire (1847)

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