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PEDEN'S CAVE Peden's Cave
Peden's Cave
Peden's Cave
William Paterson
Thomas Cuthbert
W. M. Walker
034 This Cave is evidently artificial, as the marks of the chisel or other instrument used in the hollowing of it out, are quite visible. Cut in a solid freestone rock which rises about 20 feet perpendicular from the water edge. The bottom of the cave is about 10 feet above the bed of the river, 6 feet high, 4 wide and about 8 long. The only way of access to it is from the top by 6 steps each 15 inch apart cut in the rock. It is generally supposed by the people of the neighbourhood that the prophet Peden lay concealed here for some time, from which circumstance the name is derived.

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Sheet 34.4 Parish of Ochiltree

Alexander Peden was born in 1626 and having become one of the
Covenanting Ministers of the Church of Scotland
(from 1666 to 1686) had occasion to secrete himself
from the violence of the times. There is also
a cave in the Parish of Sorn which he caused
to be dug, and in which he was in the habit
of hiding himself. -

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