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arrived with the main body. Angus, Mearns
even Roxburgh and the south were similarly
agitated although no such sanguinary meetings
took place, but the disputes prevented the levies
from proceeding with alacrity and the only
opportunity when a Scottish army, if properly
directed might have entered England with
some probability of success was allowed to pass.
Extract from Wodrow's history of the Sufferings
of the Church of Scotland AD 1721
The Earl of Middleton 'He was Major General
under Duke Hamilton and engaged with a Handful of
Countrymen at Mauchlin-muir in the shire of Airwhere
he was in some regard. He and his Party came upon
a Company of Country People, on a Munday after a
Communion who had not the least thought of fighting
and were improvided for it. Mr Thomas Wylie Minister
of Mauchlin under whose Hand I have an account
of that Action and some other Ministers travelled
'twixt the People and Middleton and got his
Promise to permit the People to dismiss peaceably
Which when they were doing his Men fell upon
the People and with some slaughter scattered
them and Kept the Muir. When he came to
Mauchline the Minister quarrelled his breach of
Promise and Capitulation and he put it off
with alledging that some of the people had
provoked his Men with harsh Speeches."

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